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Help Families in Lake County, IL by providing programs and services to educate and establish links to essential community resources

Programs Provided by Mano a Mano Family Resource Center










Do you want to become a US citizen? Do you know somebody that qualifies to become a US citizen?

Mano a Mano offers:

• Classes to             

• learn about the citizenship process

• prepare for the

- written civics exam on US history and government ( federal/state)

- naturalization interview (conversation classes)

• improve your English prior to the citizenship interview

• Childcare while you are in class

• Assistance completing the N-400 naturalization and N-600 citizenship applications

• Free consultation with an Immigration attorney who is available once a week by appointment.

Mano a Mano does not charge for any of these services. However, the United States government charges a fee to submit the application for citizenship. Information on these fees is available upon request or by visiting

Becoming an American citizen is an honor and a privilege, and brings with it both rights and responsibilities. We encourage all of our citizenship students to become actively involved in their communities for the benefit of all.


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You’re working and you have a family. Where can you get the classes you need to help you get ahead in life? Regardless of how much English you speak now or how much formal schooling you have had, Mano a Mano’s Community School for Parents can help.

• English as a Second Language (ESL) – Improve your English skills to actively participate in the community. Our ESL program follows the Illinois ESL Content Standards. Students learn speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

• Computer instruction – Learn everything from how to turn on a computer to how to use Word and Excel, access the Internet, and get an email account.

• GED preparation classes – Get your high school equivalency diploma. Classes are taught in Spanish by subject area (writing, literature, social studies, science, math and the constitution)

Child care and Tutoring are available.

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Do you want to find a job and provide a better future for your family?

Would you like to know...

• Where or how to look for a job that fits with your skills and abilities?

• How to answer application and interview questions appropriately?

• The job categories that are growing and how to qualify for them?

Over the years, Mano a Mano has developed strong relationships with local businesses to learn what they are looking for in their future employees.

Meet with our Employment Connection Case Manager to:

• Assess your qualifications

• Get referrals to jobs and upcoming job fairs

• Be coached through the interview process

Our classes will help you:

• Develop a career plan (Career Coach)

• Take full advantage of, a comprehensive listing of jobs and careers, their growth potential and how to become qualified for them

• Create an effective resume (Win-Way Resume)

• Improve your English, obtain a GED, and learn to use the computer

Services are available in English and Spanish.


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Do you have questions about a recent diagnosis you or a loved one received? Are you trying to eat healthier or live well with a chronic illness?

The Health Education Program provides you with the information you need to understand health topics and live a healthier lifestyle. Sample topics include Nutrition, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Women’s Health, Cancer, Depression, and Dental Health. Services include:

• Large Group Seminars taught in Spanish 4 times per year by volunteer professionals

• Childcare is provided. Children will learn a health related lesson.

• Small group presentations (charlas) in Spanish by trained Promotoras de Salud/Community Health Educators

• Presented in homes or public places at the request of the host

• Topics and timing determined by the Promotora and the host

• Bringing Healthcare to YOU

• Health Fairs

• Mobile Clinics

Call 847.201.1521 to request a schedule of events or to schedule a small group presentation.


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Do you have questions about how things work in your community? Do you know where to go for help?

Mano a Mano’s comprehensive Information and Referral Program:

• Helps direct you with referrals to other agencies and services in the area including legal services, food pantries, clothing, housing, domestic violence, immigration, medical services, school district information, Social Security Administration, US Department of Labor, utilities (LIHEAP), and general assistance.

• Helps you complete applications for programs like Food Stamps, Medicaid and Allkids, and follows the application until a final determination is made by the appropriate governing body.

• Provides assistance with phone calls, interpreting from English to Spanish and vice versa, translating documents, and making sure you understand official letters you receive.

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How important is preparing your child for Kindergarten? Very! An investment in your pre-school children is a long term investment in their future success. Mano a Mano’s Kindergarten Readiness program provides you with the skills and resources to help YOU get your child off to a strong start in school.

Kinder Camps – based on the United Way’s Success by 6 Early Learning Clubs.

You will:

• Attend with your child

• Receive materials and training to use at home

Bi-lingual Family Literacy Workshops (monthly)

You will:

• Learn how to be your child’s primary teacher and a full partner in their education.

• Attend parental sessions with your children or separately.

Special Needs Assessments

Early professional intervention can mean the difference between a child entering Kindergarten ready to succeed and years of struggle. Children identified with special needs are referred for additional services.

Child care is provided for siblings not attending the program.

Services are available in English and Spanish.


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“Nothing tastes as good as a home-grown tomato!” And nothing is as satisfying as planting them, nurturing them and watching them grow.

Would you like to learn to:

• Grow your own food?

• Learn sustainable organic gardening practices?

• Own your own garden related small business one day?

Learn from gardening experts and your fellow gardeners in the classroom and in the garden. Take field trips to local farm business incubators and farmer’s markets. It’s all part of the Mano a Mano Community Garden at the WJ Murphy Elementary School on Greenwood Drive in Round Lake Park.

20’ x 25’ plots are available to individuals and families for a small fee to cover the cost of fencing, water, plowing, and other garden costs. A portion of this fee will be returned to you at the end of the season once your garden plot is clean and ready to overwinter.


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